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An Egyptian couple decided going on adventure trips around Egypt after they started encountering various routine depressions; they realized that life is not only about making money to live. Life has much more to it than this, throughout their trips; they began to deeply appreciate the simple lifestyle of the people and cultures they encountered & realized that their country is beautiful.

One day, the pair were reminiscing about all the mixed feelings they have encountered so far through their adventures, fun, happiness, excitement, relaxation, concerns, fear & the most important thing was ACCEPTANCE. Finally, they solely felt that LIFE IS GOOD, one just need to reach a real level of acceptance to be HAPPY. From here GURRANDI evolved, the colorful bracelets were handmade in a simple way and seemed to capture the essence of their journey. The pair quickly decided to start experimenting by trying to deliver their adventures & feelings through the beautifully handmade bracelets. Within a matter of a few weeks, they felt the excitement & the connection with the bracelets & decided to give it a chance to let it appear to the world.

GURRANDI bracelets are not only simple string bracelets, they are more than just your everyday bracelet, they are a strong dose of exploding mixed positive feelings. GURRANDI Bracelets are simple, unique, hand-made bracelets that have a great story behind them. GURRANDI supports a cause, which is by purchasing a bracelet you help provide full-time jobs for local artisans in EGYPT that allows them to support & raise families.

The word “GURRANDI” (go·rra·ndee) means HAPPINESS in NUBIAN*. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, learning from harsh events, not taking anything for granted, & finally accepting YOUR life as it is embodies GURRANDI Lifestyle.

Each original bracelet is handmade in EGYPT with a unique combination of colors. The hard work that went into making each bracelet represents the dedication and respect for the beautiful land that we all live in. Selecting your GURRANDI bracelet isn’t always a quick task. Crafters spend days, creating specific bracelets to express the various cultures & lifestyles encountered through the couple’s trips.

GURRANDI Bracelets has any combination for you.

* The area of Aswan and its surroundings was the northernmost part of a country known as Nubia in ancient times. Aswan has a mixed and diverse population with a distinct Nubian culture. It has therefore an African atmosphere, which is different from the rest of Egypt. The pace of life is slow and relaxing. To get a real taste of this ancient and rich culture, you need to visit it yourself.

Nubians live in houses painted with bright colors. Traditionally, the floor was made of sand and not all the rooms were roofed. Protection against rain is not a priority since Aswan is one of the driest places in the world.

Nubians are friendly and hospitable. They often invite you to their homes for a cup of tea or “Karkade”, a drink made of hibiscus flowers. Many would happily show you their handicrafts. They sometimes invite you to taste their unique “Shamsi” bread.

Nubian villages are found in and around Aswan. A couple of them are located only 150 meters from the corniche on Elephantine Island in Aswan archipelago. The island can be reached by felucca or by a public ferry.

Other interesting villages are located on the west bank of the Nile and can be reached by boats or cars. A famous one is “Gharb Sehel” which is located near the old dam south of the archipelago on the west bank.

Many Nubians used to live in the Nile Valley, south of Aswan. However, the artificial Lake Nasser created by the construction of the high dam flooded many Nubian villages. As a result, more than 100,000 Nubian inhabitants of the area were relocated to villages north of Aswan and around Kom Ombo.